Inaugural Speech

I felt for the inauguration of this blog it is best to establish the purpose and background. It is amazing how as a kid summer vacation seems to go “to infinity and beyond”. Though as you get older years feel like days. At 18 I entered the construction world as a draftsman, quickly moving into project engineering, project management, and as the economy was crumbling in 2008 I moved into estimating. Its amazing to me how fast time is moving, and better yet I’ve come to realize that I have immersed myself into a world I never wanted to be a part, a corporate world. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that’s wrong, but it’s not a world I want to be a part. I would prefer a sense of freedom with structure. The freedom to travel with structure in the sense of taking care of my responsible in life, that being helping others and myself advance as people.

And now this brings me to the purpose of this blog. Now is the time for me to make a change. We can always say “I’ll get to it tomorrow”, but its always better when it’s done “today”. I love using film as a creative outlet. When I make a film and people are laughing or crying those are emotions being expressed from their hearts by what they are seeing, and there isn’t a greater feeling than this. The films I love the most are those that capture the real human being. The true story. Which brings me to my future. A future where I go to work and capture the stories of real human beings.  Each of us have a unique story, a story the rest of the world deserves to know. That is my future. Sorry I can’t give all the details away as this would be a spoiler, however I don’t want to leave you completely in the dark, so here are some photos. They will make sense later. Lets just say my life compass is defiantly pointing “North”.

So feel free to follow me as I advance as a filmmaker and a person.






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