Life is Full of Tough Choices

Regarding the title this could not be more of a fact than as a filmmaker. In fact I have this saying on my camera case. There is a world of things to buy. Each tool has pros and cons, but less the cons the more expensive. And I would prefer if I can afford it, buy good quality from the start so I don’t have to buy every couple years and have something that will last forever. Example, I bought a full grain leather bag versus a genuine leather bag. 5 times more expensive but it’s going to last forever, I mean forever. Even the company’s saying is “A bag they’ll fight for once your dead”. Now this brings me to my dilemma, should I get a pocket jib or a dolly system? I am swaying to the dolly. In October my buddy Josh, his brother Keenan, and I have an event we’re shooting. A dolly would be awesome as we move through the crowds of people. So if I go dolly, which package? Track, wheels, arm package, or track, case, wheels, arm, seat package? See what I mean? As filmmakers we have it hard. But more importantly buy only things that are necessary because this world is full of junk.

Here is one of my lovely toys out on set…


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