A Change of Pace

There is a film that will be coming out at the end of the year. It’s titled Saving Mr. Banks. Though the trailer has been out for some time, it’s definitely worth a look. Even if you have seen it before, watch again. Check it out after the break.

So why talk about this film? My buddy and I were talking about films we enjoy, as you’ll recall I enjoy those with a real human story. Films such as No Reservations, Love Happens, Flipped, My Dog Skip, You’ve Got Mail, and the list can go on. Don’t get me wrong I love Science Fiction (I would use the abbreviated term Sci-Fi, but the SyFy Channel has ruined the term, horrible films), however it’s nice to have a bit of fresh air with a film about a real person in a real situation. Hollywood is constantly about that blowup in your face action, and this will be a great change of pace. Saving Mr. Banks has that potential, which will be wonderful since The Mouse’s Studio hasn’t put a film out like this in a very long time. It’s the story of how Walt Disney got the rights to make the Mary Poppins film back in 1964. From the cast to trailer to poster, seems like we may have a winner.

Watch the trailer here


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