Everyone has one, whether it’s your friend down the street, your son or daughter, or yourself. What am I talking about? The technology or computer geek. Yes that person you look to for advice on the latest product or help because you’re trying to send an important email but it’s not going through. We all have one. Well for many that’s me. But as a filmmaker to some extent you need to be that guy in order to know when or what to buy. After much thought and consideration I have decided to expand this blog to include periodically, news about the latest technology. And all these tools will relate to aid filmmakers, but we can all appreciate most of these. For example my first thoughts will be about the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

Filmmakers see the usefulness of the iPhone with apps from screenplays to storyboards. The question though is when the next generation of iPhones are announced in the coming weeks will it be worth upgrading? The answer is yes but the answer is also no. What? How can this be? Well let’s first consider the new operating system, iOS7. Now because of the terms of agreement with Apple I can’t reveal too much, though I’m sure you heard most of it already from the keynote address Apple had a few months ago. This is Mr. Jony Ive’s complete revamp of the OS. I must say it is clean and fresh. Very vintesh. The new features are very much appreciated. Now if you have an iPhone 4 and up you will get this new iOS. What’s very much a bonus is even if your device is older once you put this iOS on, it seems new and fresh, your old device becomes very vintesh. The iPad 2 I put it on seems new now.

So with that in mind, let’s talk about hardware. We can expect Apple to upgrade the camera and processor. The next “new” thing floating around the internet is a new home button with a fingerprint sensor. To if it will be in the iPhone 5s remains to be seen, but we can more likely count on it. It seems at this point the main feature it will be used for is to unlock the iPhone, but no doubt other uses will come into play. Now is it worth upgrading? You have to be the judge. Why do you want to upgrade? How old is your iPhone or cell phone? Can you afford a new phone? These are the questions we have to ask ourselves. But no doubt you’ll be like me and wowed as you watch Apple introduce the new series of iPhones. But get over the initial wow factor and think is it really worth it? If you have an iPhone 5 the answer really is no. However, if you have a phone 2 or 3 years, you may want to upgrade. I can say for myself I went from the first iPhone to iPhone 3Gs, and iPhone 3Gs to the iPhone 5 and those upgrades were well worth it. But what we need to keep in mind is these are tools not fashion statements. How often do you go out and buy a new lawnmower just because Black and Decker came out with a new one? Can you imagine every year replacing your lawnmower? It seems silly right? The same is true with a phone, but the problem is we get caught up in the moment, marketing tells us we need it, and we don’t want to be left out. But stand firm, if it works for you and gets what you need done, why stress about getting the latest.

Now real quick, because this post is already going longer than I wanted. You may be saying well what is the iPhone 5c? Well rumor is the iPhone 5c is a remake of the current iPhone 5 with a cheaper plastic shell rather than the aluminum Apple is known for in many of their products, and the “c” standing for color because it will have various color options. It is also supposed to be cheaper than the iPhone 5s. So this option may work for you, but the same principle applies. And we still have to see what exactly this iPhone will be missing.

So there you have it, my first post in a periodical series about the latest technology. But remember all technology is only a tool.

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