Canon’s Cloud

Last night was Canon’s event back in New York. So what was is all about? Connectivity. Many companies are jumping on the “cloud” bandwagon, and now Canon is the latest one. Companies are realizing people want access to their files anywhere at any given moment, and if you don’t create a platform for people to access then they will be using someone else’s platform. So what’s the advantage for Canon starting a cloud platform? Well possibly they are hoping you stick with their whole “ecosystem” and will buy more of their products. To accompany the cloud, canon released 5 new cameras and 2 printers that access the cloud. Once connected to wifi your photos are uploaded and from your new printer without connecting your camera you can print your images all from the cloud.

4 out of the 5 new cameras are accessible to the cloud and Canon’s new iOS and Android app. Now everyone one of these cameras are a PowerShot:
PowerShot G16 Digital Camera
PowerShot S120 Digital Camera
PowerShot SX170 IS Digital Camera
PowerShot SX510 HS Digital Camera
PowerShot N

Now I’m not going to spend time going through all the specs of each camera, if you would like to see those visit Canon’s press release page here. Rather I would like to continue to explore what is Canon trying to do with all these releases and the cloud. I see Canon testing the waters. As a professional no doubt you will not be using Canon’s cloud platform since the products are geared to the average consumer. However I think Canon is seeing how the larger consumer group will handle and use this new platform and possibly expand from there. But even then I think right now this is more of a hobbyist launch. Give it about a year then we see where Canon stands with the average consumer. The other interesting fact is Canon’s tie with Facebook, the PowerShot can easily upload photos right to your Facebook with a click of a button and Canon’s cloud. Again, this is a hobbyist product.

So we now have a sense of where Canon is heading. Will it work? In a later post I will explore that idea. In the meantime what are your thoughts?

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