The Plan

IMG_2426 For today I decided to take a break from the technology aspect and focus on the adventure itself. Right now those words are currently on my glass board. Why you ask? Well sometimes to the best of our ability we have a plan, but plans change because of factors we sometimes didn’t considered.

Josh and I have a master plan and it still stands, the problem is the first initial step. We had everything in place with our first client for this new adventure but for various reasons they backed out. The initial reaction was disappointment, but once I took a step back at the situation this is actually good.

Again, “The Plan” are the only words on the glass board right now. It’s full of blank space just waiting to be filled with some great ideas. I have a few in my head now but I will wait for the team to reconvene at headquarters. This time of pause will give us a chance to have a solid first step.

No matter what may come our way we always need to push through, when things don’t seem to work the way we thought, don’t stress. Take it one step at a time and come up with a new plan. Who knows it may actually turn out for the best…

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