Well as you can see I decided to take the weekend off from posting. But in exciting news,  Saturday evening marked the 1 week milestone.  I look to the future with excitement regarding this blog as I hope it will offer insight and knowledge into my adventures as well as the world of filmmaking and technology.

So a few minutes ago I came back from the Apple store to see if my iPad could get fixed cheaper than the digitizer part that is coming from Korea. Well needless to say it wasn’t.  But as I was sitting there and watching people, I noticed some people were frustrated, others full of excitement. Maybe some were like me waiting for the Apple “Genius” (no comment) to tell them the bad news their device would cost more than they were hoping to repair because they didn’t buy the Apple Care. Some were happy like a fresh college student I observed, he was full of excitement as he got his new 15” Macbook Pro Retina with new case and all. And who knows maybe he wanted it last summer but he had to save his money for a whole year in order to get it.

Life is full of delays. As they say, expectation postponed is making the heart sick. And that it does. From waiting for your first child to come into this world to waiting for your new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera to finally come in (ok I know but this is a film/tech blog), we get anxious. So maybe we need to stop worrying. As you can probably tell the main reason for me writing is I can’t wait for my stuff to finally arrive. Josh and I have new equipment from Kessler coming, and I have a new camera waiting to come in along with some quick release plates. Let time speed up please.

Patience is key.


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