One Step Closer

Today in tech news we are one step closer in getting rid of cable. (Though I myself haven’t watched live TV well over a year.) The “hobby” Apple TV as Steve Jobs put it once updated their sleek small black box to include Vevo, the Smithsonian and Disney Channels (but ironically you need to be subscribed to a provider to access some of them). Over the course of the last few months we have seen more and more channels come available through updates. This is a really good step forward. But Apple is not the only one making progress, since I’m not bias I like to look at all aspects of technology, and Google is also taking steps forward as well. (Those that know me personally are probably laughing, but really I’m not bias.)

However the progress has and will continue to be slow. The reason? The Television Networks and the Cable Companies aren’t willing to share a piece of big pie they are gorging themselves. Steve Jobs did change the music industry back in the early 2000’s, and we were hoping by the early 2010’s the television industry would also change. How often do we pay for channels we don’t watch? Do you really need 300 channels? Probably not. So in this developing story which may continue for months or years we are hoping we will have a choice as to what and when we watch. Even though today was another small step forward we have a whole mountain that is before us, let’s just hope we pick up the pace.


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