The Future is Wearable? Maybe…


Yesterday at Samsung’s event one of the new products announced was their smart watch. But rather than review all the specs and the watch itself let’s talk about what Samsung, Google and other companies may being trying to do and if it will work.

Google has a handful of their upcoming Google Glasses in the wild beta testing, Samsung announced their version of a smart watch.  Now what technology companies are trying to do is mesh fashion with gadgetry. Will it work? Don’t get me wrong I love technology, but these are more gimmicks than anything else at this point. I have a friend who is really into watches, you could say a watch connoisseur. Any person who is into watches, really into watches, a smart watch is not what they are looking for. Is it a tourbillon, mechanical, open heart, chronograph? These are the questions a person will ask, not does it take phone calls or send text messages? For years technology has tried to become wearable but in most cases it last for only a short period. Will Samsung sell many watches? Probably in the beginning it will. But the real test is 5 years from now.

I like reading those articles about the failed technology of the decade and as you read those articles you go “Oh yeah…I remember that…” Will smart glasses and smart watches be included in that article in 2020? Maybe. We have to see major improvements for the mass public to be wearing smart glasses everywhere or having a smart watch on every wrist.  In any case we will see how things turn out. No doubt this is only the beginning as many companies have already made and will yet to make more products down this road.

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