Believe it or not I have reached my 21st post yesterday. Also today alone I got 5 new followers. What’s funny to me is how Josh and I have crossed paths. On the same day we both posted our 21st, much like our literal paths have crossed, our digital paths have crossed.

So what’s the point of tonight’s post? Well sometimes we will cross a path of a person who becomes our very close friend. How in the world does this relate to film/ technology or the purpose of this blog? Well good question. Here’s the thing if we are to advance as a filmmaker or a person we need individuals around us that will help and encourage us. So many times in the world of filmmaking or technology people except help up to the point they become skillful, then they dump or betray those that helped them. May we never do that.

Don’t be like Instagram who reached out to third-party developers in the beginning to promote the app by even telling them to use the words insta or gram in their third-party app name only to now give them 30 days to reply to the letter issued from Instagram (owned now by Facebook) telling them now to remove those words from their app name.

We could never be where we are in life without the help of those around us, especially our close friends. Never take them for granted. I’m truly grateful for all those that have and will help me in my future. May all of us take the time to tell those in our life how much we appreciate them.

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