Have a Bite


So a few days have passed since Apple introduced the new iPhones. So are you going to bite into the Apple? Well now that the wow factor is over and it’s back to reality, what do you think?  I look forward to your comments below. In the meantime here are some of my thoughts.

First I think people including myself were thinking the iPhone 5C would be cheaper than it is. Sure on contract it starts only at $99 but off contract it is still $549 and oversees it’s more expensive, after conversion it’s about $700 in some places. So many will be still be looking to America to buy their iPhones rather than in their home country. And remember this is really the iPhone 5 but with more bands and better FaceTime camera. I guess we have to keep in mind this follows the model Apple has set up for the last few years. 3 generations of phones for 3 different prices starting at $0 up to $199 for the current generation (on contract of course).

The iPhone 5S is a very nice upgrade. Who knows it may be in my cart as I speak. One plus is that camera. I’m excited to see for myself the quality of the images. Another thing I’m excited to see is apps that really feature the M7 processor. Rumor at this point is Apple is working to really feature the M7 in their next version of iOS. For example one thing is imagine you are driving in your car, the M7 knows you are doing this by the rate of speed you are moving, you then park your car, it now knows you parked your car you walk to the store and your done shopping. Well with the M7 it remembers where you parked without you even telling it to remember. Fitness apps, navigation apps, and who knows what else, it’s very exciting. It won’t be for probably at least 6 months before we see apps hit the store that really feature everything the M7 can do, and mind you battery is improve partially because of this guy too.

Well there is still so much more we can talk about however the internet is already flooded with information. So I thought I give you just a few of my thoughts.  Again really would like to hear what you have to say. Add your comments below, and remember it’s friday, so have a great day.

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