What is the one field on this planet where people expect perfection? Computers. You know as humans we are very forgiving when it comes down to almost anything, but not computers. This is where people scream and curse because the computer isn’t doing what you want. Why is that?Should we be more forgiving to computer engineers?

Well a computer is a like a human being in that no two are exactly the same, even if they have the same components and specs. That’s because no two users are exactly the same. So maybe we could be a little more understanding, but it is very frustrating.

This morning I was meant with many errors. I was finishing up a project early this morning when Final Cut closed and made the wonderful statement project files corrupt. Frustrating, but nothing that a small fixed can’t do. But that did work, either did the next thing. So after 3 hours of testing I narrowed the problem down to the external hard drive with all the project files. Soon I realized the drive was showing up in disk utility but not mounting. Anyways long story short my drive is a goner. Western Digital is sending out a new one. The good news, I was able to get my files off the drive before it completely went out.

What’s the lesson for today? Since computers are not perfect let’s backup, and while we are at it backup our backups.



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