A New Dawn

The way we see things is all about perspective. In the film Love Happens Aaron Eckhart’s character Burke Ryan is an author of a book on how to deal with the grief of losing a loved one. He goes on to teach a seminar and has those attending walk out in the middle of a busy street in Downtown Seattle, he then has them describe what they see. Basically its chaos. Then he has them view Downtown Seattle from a top a skyscraper.  Then he says one of my favorite movie quotes  “Wow. Everything looks different up here isn’t it? And yet is the same. We haven’t gone anywhere, we’re just looking at things from a new perspective.”

I think that’s what we need to do at times.  For me writing this today is very fitting as here in Southern California we got new weather we haven’t had in long time, cool and  rainy.  It’s a new dawn in more ways than one. Venturing into a new business is definitely a challenge, it can be rocky start. Getting into film as a means of new income for me has been good but not without it’s bumps. This week though I have a goal in making additional progress. I guess I could spend my time thinking about the things I already wanted to have accomplished or I could look at what has already been accomplished. I think this hold true for any part of our lives. Focusing on the positive.

The positives so far are, I have been able to work on 6 different projects in the last 2 months and on everyone of those projects learn something new thanks my friend whose knowledge is a vast sea of information. Another positive, we have various new clients in the works.  Another, my Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera finally came in yesterday, preliminary testing shows this camera has great potential (more to come on that in a later review). And looks like Apple will finally be announcing further details on the Mac Pro on Oct 22 along with potential preorder.

So yes on this rainy Southern California day look to the future in it’s positives.

My new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
My new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

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