A Real Budget Cam

Well today I thought I would give you a simple heads up. So Canon recently stopped production on their EOS-M camera, which was Canon’s first mirrorless camera. So why the heads up? Well over night this camera went from $599 to $350 and below. Our production team picked a new one up on ebay for $230 for body only.

So I have to admit when this camera first came out a year ago I was uninterested. And at that time it was $799-899. But after I heard they were stopping production and the truth about this camera there was no reason not to get one.  First the sensor inside is the same found in the T2i, T3i, T4i, T5i, and the SL1.  And since it’s mirrorless  the body is much more compact. So we now have added this to our list of cameras. This will be a great second, third or crash cam on various projects.

But you may say wait, I thought Canon only has two native lenses for that camera? Well you would be correct but with a simple Mount Adapter EF-EOS M all of your Canon EF lenses are ready to be used.  So if you would like to start filming in the DSLR world with a small body or upgrade your point-and-shoot this may be your camera to choose.



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