Preorder Life

So there you have it. Once again Apple has shown the world what they have to offer. We have the iPad Air, the Retina iPad Mini, the new Macbook Pro line, the new OSX Mavericks, the redesigned OSX iLife, the redesigned OSX iWork, the redesigned iOS iLife, the redesigned iOS iWork, and of course the all-new redesigned Mac Pro.

Really it’s impressive Apple was able to release or announce all of these yesterday. So over the course of the next month or two these various products will be released. Though the majority have already been released yesterday. Really we are waiting for the iPads on November 1, and the Mac Pro in December. I was really hoping to be able to at least preorder the Mac Pro, but oh well, have to wait.

It was nice yesterday to see Apple returning to better quality films and Ads. The previous media event in September was awful! I hate those iPhone 5c commercials and iPhone 5S product video. But the iPad Air commercial is a nice return to the Appleish feel.

Well there you have it, new tools at your deposal, just remember the wise words said to Peter Parker, “With great power comes great responsibility.”





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