We All Deserve a Little 4K


This past year at CES my brother and I,  along with the other thousands that attended were surrounded by 4K . Gorgeous! The problem though unless you have a keen eye you may not see the difference. In fact the average consumer doesn’t see the difference. In bind test, persons shown a 4k and 1080p can’t tell which is which. So then it’s hard to justify spending thousands on TV you may never tell the difference.

Apple at some point may be coming out with a retina display for their iMacs and Cinema Displays to accommodate their new Mac Pro 4k output. But the truth is unless you are a film editor working with 4k content you really don’t need it. Sure retina screens are amazing on iPhones and iPads, but keep in mind these devices are a few inches away from your face vs a few feet. And the thats why when it comes to 4k TVs people can’t see the difference because your television is 5-20 feet away from your view.

However a break through came out a few months ago and now it’s even cheaper. A china based company named Seiki has 4k TVs starting at $699 for a 39″ and up to $2,999 for a 65″, thousands less than any competitor.  So what’s the catch, right? Well color is not perfect, doesn’t support 60Hz 4K input, just 24Hz and 30Hz. You can’t compare these 4k TVs to their competitors. But you can’t complain too much for the price. Film maker Philip Bloom in fact uses this TV to edit/watch his 4K content and was impressed for the price.

So if you would like to experience just a little 4K in your life and are willing to make a few compromises, then head over to amazon in the next few days as the 39″ is currently on sale for $520 or $493 if you are a amazon prime member.

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