Editing with Rose-Colored Glasses

Have you ever had to edit with someone else’s footage? Your experience may have been one of two ways. Wow I wish I could get shots like this or I can’t put this in the film. And it can be frustrating knowing the film you’re going to be delivering isn’t your teams or your own, but you’ll be getting the credit for it.

In any case lately both Josh, his brother Keenan who by the way has joined us in the blog world (check it out here), and myself have been asked to help edit a few projects which isn’t our pics or footage. So what’s today post about? I don’t know. I guess this is a place to write my frustrations.

But the truth is it’s not too bad. You just have to edit with your rose-colored glasses on. Maybe the reason for the feelings is because we are just waiting to start one of our big projects and the time waiting is killing me. After we start our first big project I’ll be posting more. In the meantime don’t spend too much on electronics this weekend, remember they are only tools. On a side note, I really do hate malls.

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