Life Continues On…

So as you may recall it’s been nearly a month since my last post and felt a small update is in order. Well life continues to push on and it’s been a busy few weeks hence my absence from the blog. In addition you may also recall I was going to be posting about our latest project. Well our latest project has started but has stopped too. The clients decided to rewrite the project. A bummer indeed however we know things will turn out great in the end.

Right around the corner is a new year, 2014. I look to the new year with the prospects of new opportunities and it seems we have many projects for the new year. I hope to continue to grow as an artist and a person. This past year really has been a great one. I’ve developed new skills, new opportunities, and new perspectives.

Soon will be upon us CES 2014 and how exciting that will be. I’ll have complete coverage with my team about the latest news in the tech world. Word is LG, Samsung and others will be showing off their new curved 4K televisions. My guess is this year will be all about 4K (building upon last year), we will start to see more in the world of 3D printers, and we also start to see “Pro” tablets. Back when Steve Jobs first introduced the first iPad he told us this is the future of computing and though it may be a very long time before we shipped our Mac Pros to the junk yards,  we may see tablets that cater to the pros. Apple too may be included in this.

So there is much to be excited about, from the tech world to me personally being excited about things to come.  Have a great day everyone, or good night depending where you are in the world.

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