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A Night with Shane Hurlbut

So here we are…tomorrow. Well how to even begin? Wow, wow! What an amazing day. So to all of those who follow me because of film. Two words, Shane Hurlbut.  That is whom my best friends Josh, Keenan and myself had dinner with. A few minutes ago we got back from his hotel. So for those of you who are at a lost, let me go back…

2:00 PM CES Canon Booth-  We are walking by the canon booth. “Hey, hey that’s Shane Hurlbut!” Shane was announced to the Canon stage for a lecture on the Canon DSLR cameras.  We stopped to listen.

So let me explain for a minute who Shane is for those that don’t know. Shane is a cinematographer for major Hollywood films from The Greatest Game Ever Played to the most recent film Need For Speed. He has some of the greatest teaching tools out there. This is because not only does he produce amazing films but he is about expanding his knowledge to others, one way being through his blog hurlbutvisuals.

So back to the timeline, 2:45 PM  CES Canon Booth- As Shane is speaking we start to joke around among oursleves and say we should ask him if we can do dinner with him.

3:05 PM CES Canon Booth- (After the lecture) Josh asked and we got a yes. Are you kidding!!! What! No way! What! No way! Yep…

5:30 PM Grand View- As we pace back and forth in the hotel room we can’t believe we are really going to be having dinner with Shane. (Oh yeah we are all on first name basis now, in fact we couldn’t believe he called us to determine where we would go for dinner.

8:00 PM- We are in the lobby to pick Shane up. After a brief moment of waiting we are on our way to have dinner with Shane at Maggiano’s in the Fashion Show.  Man we had a such a great time just listening to Shane, but I won’t lie, I had Shane in the car and I was so nervous as I was driving down to Maggiano’s. hahaha…

So anyways this brings you up to speed. The night was filled with amazing stories. But tell you the truth it was refreshing to be in the presence of someone who despite being a big name in the film industry was so down to earth.  I mean we ended the night in his hotel room watching an epic trailer of his past work. The best part is his trailer ended with the character saying “You’re going to have some story to tell your friends when you get home”

So anyways an amazing night. But this is just my side of the story go visit Josh’s blog to hear other side.

(Written at 1:30 am)


When we first met Shane at the Canon booth


Watching some of Shane’s work.


You could say we were a little excited after leaving the hotel.