New Year, New Look

So I can’t believe it’s going to be the end of January already. CES has come and gone and before you know it, we will be at NAB 2014. We have some exciting news, we recently found out one of our big projects is going to be starting next week. And in more exciting news I found out my Mac Pro will be here next week. Can’t wait to start working on it.

So in the next week or two you will see the blog take a new direction and layout. I will focus more and more on film, the projects we are working on, the mistakes we have made on projects, what we are shooting on, and much more. Also I’ll try to continue what is new in the world of technology, but to include other tech besides just Apple and Canon products. Its been brought to my attention Apple is the favored child here, haha… so I’ll be expanding a little more.

Its very exciting to see the blog take off. This blog has now reach over 50 countries and continues to expand each day. It’s because you the readers keep coming back that I’ve decided to spend the extra time in making sure the experience will be better. So as stated in the title, new year, new look. So get ready for a very exciting year.

Before I close today’s post, as you know my good friend Josh and I work together, along with the other brother Keenan. However there is in fact an older brother Tyler, and last night we found out some exciting news. Tyler will be going to Brooklyn, New York for a special assignment for at least one year. So this is a shot out to him on how proud we are of him. His hard work has paid off. Congratulations Tyler, you will be very missed, but we know you’ll be doing an awesome assignment.

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