Day 3 with the New Mac Pro

So I finally had the time to use my new beast of a machine which I have formally named The Dark Knight also known as the New Mac Pro. What a beautiful design. From the inside to the outside. Constantly I’m showing my friends the inside because that’s where the real power is and its so beautiful.

Meet "The Dark Knight"
Meet “The Dark Knight”

So the last two days I was working on a project that I just turned in today. So how was it? What where the +’s? What where the -‘s? So first I think it’s important to state which configuration I’m working on. So I have the 6 core, 32 GB RAM, D700 with 12 GB VRAM, and 256 GB Storage. Not the top but definitely not a slacker. Working on this guy was a delight. Now believe it or not, the last few months I have been working off my MacBook Air, and was impressed how far I could push it, but going from that to this. Well, night and day.

It's the simple features that makes this computer so special. Lights up in the back when senses motion.
It’s the simple features that makes this computer so special. Lights up in the back when senses motion.

So I work off Premiere Pro CC and Final Cut Pro X. Final Cut Pro X is where the software and hardware are truly married and benefit the most, the reason being the Final Cut Pro X uses all of the benefits of dual GPUs. But don’t get me wrong working in the Adobe CC Suite on the Mac Pro is something special too. It was Premiere where I did my recent project. Any effect I threw it’s way was handled with no problems. Now mind you I currently don’t edit in the 4K world but that may soon change as we may have a special project coming up where filming in 4K will have the advantages.  But that’s why I got the Mac Pro, our team can edit in any world we choose. And most importantly we can move fast onto the next project with quick render/export times.

Working on a project with Premiere Pro CC
Working on a project with Premiere Pro CC

So what were some things that could be taken as a con. Well some software yet to be is optimized for dual GPUs but we have hope that developers will soon go that route. Also please, please don’t think this computer is the save all, miracle machine. Its fast, it’s great, but it is not a miracle. Remember this is a computer and just like any computer you will have glitches, you will have problems, but its hard to find when you working on this guy.

So these are just my initial thoughts. I know if your like me you always like hearing what other people’s editing system is like, so in an upcoming post I will go further on my complete editing setup, such as thunderbolt drives, speakers, monitors, etc… but most importantly what mistakes I have learned from this setup. So until next time…

My editing system.
My editing system.

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