In Memoriam Christopher Harty

The day was Feb 11, 1991 and through a miracle my cousin and one of best friends was born. A few days later I remember being so excited for this was the day I was able to meet my cousin for the first time. He and his family were now home, and for the first time I held my little cousin. I think even now looking back at that moment I knew something special was forming. We became the closest of friends.

Baby Chris
Baby Chris

Chris was a kid with spirit, a sense of adventure and the kindest person you could meet. He was the kid who wore cowboy boots and shorts together. The kid with underwear on his head and with socks as gloves. I remember spending days digging in the backyard, climbing trees and eating it’s fruit, countless days at the beach when summer came, trips to Disneyland. Speaking of Disneyland I remember the first time Chris and I rode Space Mountain together, my aunt Kara gave me the assignment of holding onto Chris. I loved that guy so much I didn’t want anything to happen to him that I held so tight to him I hurt the poor guy and the evidence was the red marks on his arm.

He loved his underwear.
He loved his underwear.

I’m a nobody in this world, in comparison there are so many more qualified people to look up. Yet Chris choose me. Why? I have no idea. It was such an honor, an honor that I never deserved. I miss him. I miss him so much.

Just a typical day at the zoo.
Just a typical day at the zoo.

Never take for granted the moments we have with people. We should always say how much we love them and show them with action. It’s sad to admit but one of my last memories with Chris was him mad at me. But I hugged him and said how much I loved him. I wish I could have spent more time with him these last few years. It’s just not fair.

Though deep down I know Chris knew how much I loved him. Chris was a guy that was one in a million. He was just such a good kid. Sadly the world will miss this special kid.

Christopher Harty Feb 11, 1991- March 21, 2014

Chris 1991-2014

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