Apple’s Direction?

So as you can tell it’s been awhile since I’ve been on the blog. My apologies. You can tell it’s been a crazy few weeks from my last post. Having to deal with the lost of family or really a friend is hard and there is so much to catch up on. For you the world seems to stop, but the reality is it keeps moving as it does and you have to catch up, hence what has happen to me.

So at the moment I have 6 drafts of different topics almost ready for the blog. Stay tune as more will be coming soon. In the meantime for the topic of today I thought it would be interesting to talk about the direction of Apple at the moment. Those that know me well, know at times I could be bias. Well ok, maybe more than a little. I guess I have to admit I’m what they call an Apple fanboy. However, I will say that I have an open mind, and nor do I believe everything Apple does is right.

An Apple filled workspace, from Apple TV to the Mac Pro
An Apple filled workspace, from Apple TV to the Mac Pro

It’s been awhile since Apple has been talked about here and really in the news. The problem with Apple being talked about in the news it’s become about how much Apple sold rather than the devices themselves. The iPhone 6 will be around the corner and it seems that a larger screen or two will be coming out according to the much talked about rumors. But the truth is who cares about the A8 processor, the new screen size, the new camera features. What really counts is the iPhone as a whole.

Ok let’s go back to 2007 the iPhone changed the market. It was a whole new way of interacting with your phone and really for the first time having a worthy computer in your pocket. A few months later the app store came along that changed everything. It gave the iPhone it’s true potential.

Now bring it to present. The A7 is a truly amazing processor that’s in iPhone 5s, so much so that there is not one app in the store who even comes close to reaching the limits of that processor. Reminds me of the Ps3, was the same thing yet they have the PS4 with faster speeds. The reason companies do this is, they are expected by the public and it’s shareholders to have something new each year or in the Sony’s case couple years (but that’s a whole different story).  The direction I would like to see Apple take is forget about the yearly updates, forget about the “expected updates” (iOS update, processor, camera, and new feature) and create something new and exciting. Give us a phone we didn’t even know we wanted. Where is that “one more thing” moment?  Sure we have talk of iWatch and an updated Apple TV, but I guess for myself and maybe a few others we want something that’s amazing. Maybe those devices will prove to be just that.

The iPhone 5s with the A7 processor.
The iPhone 5s with the A7 processor.

Now in defense of Apple. The new Mac Pro, kills it! It’s truly amazing. I tell Josh all the time, the best part of the computer, you don’t even think about it. It just does what it needs to do. It renders fast, stable and quiet.

The "Dark Knight" killing it.
The “Dark Knight” killing it.

So that’s my current thoughts on Apple. In work related news I have a few projects that are in the negotiation stage and wrapping a project up. Lots of excited news in the works, and NAB brought us some exciting tools. Looking forward to the coming months when some of them will hit the market. In the meantime lets stay busy filming away and enjoying life.


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