Apple Summary Hour

So tomorrow is the day in which all our questions will be answered. So I figured I would summarize what was said last week but also any new info which could be added.

The iPhone 6:

  • Possibly won’t be named “iPhone 6”
  • Will be announced at a media event Sept 9.
  • Comes in two sizes 4.7″ and 5.5″ (may not be coming out at the same time, but looking like it will)
  • Feature a new A8 chip
  • More durable screen
  • Possible high end models with sapphire crystal screen
  • Thinner design (ranging 6mm to 7mm)
  • Redesign of mute and volume buttons
  • Higher capacity batteries to support larger screen sizes
  • Camera upgrades (some rumors saying same 8 MP with new features, others saying new 13 MP in addition to new features)
  • iOS 8 with continuity for OSX Yosemite
  • Seems to be including NFC
  • Some new type of secure payments option is in the works with major companies.

The “iWatch”:

  • Very little is known.
  • Sizes could vary from 1.3″ to 2.5″
  • Said to have a battery which last” all day”.
  • Will connect as an accessory for the iPhone.
  • Will have varies sensors.
  • Possible leaked schematic seems to give iWatch a square form and mic for siri.
  • High End Fashion Designers have been invited for tomorrows media event.
  • Very limited number of developers have been invited to work on development of apps for “iWatch” to showoff for tomorrow’s event.

Also of note is that Apple may also take tomorrow to announce not only these devices but also an updated iPad Air 2. Will shall see if that’s the case as Apple normally has a day in Oct just for that.

So this brings today’s summary to a close. Tomorrow not doubt we will be watching the event as it unfolds. Of course as always, leaks and info seem to come flooding the street as we are only hours away from these events. So if that the case, if an item is highly important then I shall post the update here.

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