A New Apple


So today we finally got a look at the much anticipated Apple Watch and new iPhones. So like rumors said the names of the new iPhones were iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


So let’s start with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Two Sizes 4.7″ and 5.5″, “Retina HD Display” on both phones. The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 has a 1334 x 750 display at 326 pixels-per-inch while the iPhone 6 Plus has a 1920 x 1080 display at 401 ppi.  They are thin at 6.9 mm and 7.1 mm in thickness. They both feature the new A8 processor and M8 motion processor. The A8 is said to be 25% faster than the A7. Battery life was said to improve, but truthfully that is only slightly.  Faster LTE speeds as well as faster wi-fi. The camera features a new sensor.  8MP iSight camera, 1.5µ pixels, ƒ/2.2 aperture. Some other features of the camera are “Focus Pixel” technology, which allows the lens to move in and out to better determine autofocus points. Also better noise reduction. The iPhone 6 Plus has optical image stabilization while the iPhone 6 still retains only digital image stabilization. 1080p video recording at both 30 fps and 60 fps. Slow-mo gets better at not only 120 frames per second but also 240 fps.  The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are available for pre-order this coming Friday Sept 12, and will be released Friday Sept 19. Prices still start at $199 for the iPhone 6 and $299 for the iPhone 6 Plus. They come in the same colors as the iPhone 5s, Space Gray, Gold, and Silver. Interestingly the new memory comes in at 16gb, 64gb, 128gb. Notice the 32gb is on more, and they gave us a 128gb option.



Ok so that is purely specs and facts about the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. For a moment lets talk about the device and how it relates to us. First should we buy one? Next why these new sizes? And why skip the 32 gb option? So should we buy one? Well that depends how old your phone is. If your iPhone is more than a few years old you will truly see speed boost and many new features you may not have, such as the finger print sensor and one thing I forgot to mention is the new Apple Pay exclusive to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Basically Apple Pay allows you to store your credit/debit cards on your phone with no numbers stored and pay at currently over 220,00 merchants. You will verify who you are through your finger print. The reason for these only being allowed to the new iPhones is they feature NFC (Near Field Communication), basically a form in which data is transferred. Androids have had this for a few years but Apple is here to take it mainstream. So lets say you have an iPhone 5s should you get it? Well two things may attract you, bigger size and Apple Pay. That’s up to you if it’s worth it.


Why these new sizes? It’s Apples way of meeting the demand Android users have been wanting in a bigger screen size.  Honestly I love the iPhone 5/5s size. But out of the two new ones the 4.7 is much better in my opinion. Following blogs it seems may Apple fans prefer the 4.7″ size vs the 5.5″. It seems those that have had an Android in the past or currently own an Android phone are going for the new 5.5″.  So why is the 32gb missing now? Yes I understand Apple is a major corporation, but it’s sad to see them give in so easily to the shareholders. Let’s face it, a 16 gb is hardly enough space for a iPhone. Back in 2008 when I believe the 16gb became the new standard for low end models, apps weren’t as big. You didn’t take as many photos. But now 6 years later 16gb is still the standard. They know this as much as we know it, that is not enough. Many people were buying the 32gb model much like myself. But those on the fence whether they should get a 16gb or 32gb model will be persuaded to buy the 64gb since for “only” a hundred more you get much more storage. So really the new iPhone 6 starts at $299 because the 16gb is way too small. Imagine all the millions of iPhones sold in the next few weeks and times that not by $199 or the real price of $649 but by $299 or again the real price of $749. The profits for this qtr. sure are going to look good. Tim Cook will be putting many smiles on the shareholders.



So now the Apple Watch. So I’m really confused with this one. I’m still scratching my head.  It’s hard to answer why we need one. Is it cool? Sort of. Does it look good? Well I haven’t seen one in person but I would respond sort of, but honestly to me the moto 360 looks classier. I’ve been reading where a lot of people have been going back and forth when it comes to looks. Some agree with me, others argue Apple’s watch is better looking. But see here lays the problem, we are talking about a fashion accessory. Not everything is going to appeal to everyone when it comes to something like a watch. That is why we have so many styles in the malls. Yes I understand the Apple Watch comes in different colors, sizes, and you can change the bands and digital face, but you can’t change the physical shape or style of the watch. Some will argue Apple’s watch has premium materials which make its appearance better. For example they do have a model which is made of 18k gold. But just because something is made of gold doesn’t mean it looks nice. Why is there so many wedding rings to choose from? Why not just make one gold wedding ring and call it a day. We all know that is silly, you can’t do that because we all have different taste. So maybe we can all agree to disagree when it comes to looks. Now why do we need one? Again hard to respond. But according to Apple it’s a  “more immediate, intimate way to connect”,  “an intelligent health and fitness companion”, “an incredibly precise timepiece.” I really suggest you take a look at Apple’s website and look at the Apple Watch there. One cool feature is Maps. “See your current location and get directions. Maps gives you the single best route. And turn-by-turn navigation helps you arrive at your destination.” You can also send and receive calls along with text. Use the watch as a remote for the iPhone camera. Control the Apple TV. Make payments using the new Apple Pay. One thing to keep in mind this works only with your iPhone. So don’t get me wrong. It is very cool in some ways but a major let down at the same time. Many are hopeful for the 2nd gen, me included. So the Apple Watch won’t be available till “early” next year, and starting at $349. Some are saying it may go up and over a $1,000 for the Apple Watch Edition.




So like the title says this is definitely a new Apple. In fact Tim Cook himself stated after the keynote to ABC’s David Muir, Steve Jobs didn’t have any input in the Apple Watch. Though he did go on to say “The foundation that he left, you can see in all the things that we’re doing today, and the way we look at things. So to me it’s not as a big deal whether he personally saw something or didn’t, his thinking and his taste and his incredible perfectionist kind of view, and his view that you should always innovate, all those things are alive and well in the company and I think they always will be.”  This is a new Apple without the influence of Steve Jobs. Now I’m not going to be the guy and say well what would Steve have said? But it does cross your mind. Rather we like it or not this is a Apple which pleases the shareholders. Yes Apple was always in the business to make money, but it used to focus on good products and the money came. Now it seems they say how can we make money.  Cook was right in saying Jobs was a perfectionist, and you know what,  you have to in life. It’s a drive which makes people work hard. It seems though Apple isn’t try as hard right now. Let’s face it, I’m not along with others a fan of the back of the iPhone 6, that plastic is thick and ugly. The iPhone 5 and 5s have done a great job incorporating materials which allow the antennas to work and still maintain a nice design. So it seems like my disclaimer of not saying what Steve Jobs would have said is wrong. I honestly like I have mentioned before in other post would enjoy a world where specs and money was not the driving force behind the products we see coming out today, rather, seeing the motivation be purely innovation and creativity.


Now we just wait for the next “one more thing” moment…


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