Difference in IMAX

Over a year ago I wrote a post about the real IMAX. It’s amazing how many people don’t realize this one. In about four months from now many will be flocking to the theater to watch the latest Star Wars film. Many will watching on IMAX expecting it to be IMAX. But is that true?

I don’t want to rewrite the whole post about this, rather I want to focus on the real world application of what all this means. But to get a better understanding of the technical aspect you can read the previous post here.

Suppose it’s Dec 18, 2015, you are at the box-office about to buy your ticket. You and your friends want the best possible experience, so you buy your IMAX ticket. Was it worth it? Depends. Are you at a true 70mm IMAX theater or a “fake modern one”.  Now here is way that is so important.


3 2

As you can see from the stills above, unless you go to a “true” IMAX, you will missing out. And not only in theater size but also the full picture. This is because at the “fake” IMAX, it will converted to standard widescreen. There is an awesome article from makingstarwars.net. So if you aren’t sure the theater you will going to is “true” IMAX check it out before hand. Should it prove not to be, then save your money.

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